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Q. Who is P&L ?

A. P&L Accounting & Tax Service. Our offices are located at 14930 S. Cicero Ave, Ste 1B in Oak Forest, IL. The mailing address is PO Box 253 Oak Forest, IL 60452. We also meet with  PFS clients at 1813 N. Mill Street - Suite H in Naperville, IL.

Q. How old is P&L ?

A. P&L started in 1980. 

Q. Who is P&L's typical client ?

A. The majority of our clients are middle class family , with household income between $75K and $400K. Then of course we also have many professional clients such as Doctors, Authors, Investment Managers, Business Owners and other Professionals whose income is signifacantly above that range.

Q. What is P&L Client retention rate ? In other words, how long do you keep a client?

A. It is very unusual for a client to leave. Once someone becomes a Client they seem to consider P&L a trusted adviser and a long term relationship develops.

Q. What is the average charge to the Client ?

A. P&L is a professional firm which charges based on professional time. Therefore depending upon the amount of time and expertise that is involved, the appropriate charge is incurred. Our Minimum Fee is $300 which includes 1 hour of CPA time. Additional time and resources are billed as required..   

Q. How long does completing a Tax Return usually take ?

A. The average time that the client spends with a CPA is usually about an hour or two.

Q. Does the average person really need a professional Tax Preparer, especially a CPA?

A. One of my favorite analogies is that :

I could install a muffler on my car but :

  • It would take at least half of a day.
    • The first time, I would put it on backwards and possibly damage the car.
    • I would scrape my knuckles and probably say words that I shouldn't.

    It makes more sense to hire a professional to do the job:

    • He is an expert that knows what he is doing.
    • He would install it correctly, stand behind his work and not hurt my car.
    • He has the tools, quality parts and technique to do it most efficiently.

    Many people think that they do not need the services of a CPA or that they can’t afford to have professional help. The reality is; that with higher taxes, the complexities of life, especially for new homeowners, young families and two worker families, you need professional assistance!

    Q. Where are your offices located ?

    A. Our main office is in Oak Forest at 14930 S. Cicero Avenue, Ste 3B. Our Florida office is located at 801 West Bay Drive # 323 in Largo, Florida. We can with PFS clients in Naperville at 1813 North Mill Street - Suite - H.

    Q. When are appointments available ?

    A. Our appointments are by appointment only. We pride ourselves on not making our clients wait like some other professionals do. We value and respect you and your time and we ask the same from you in return.  We do offer evening and Saturday appointments for our clients.

    Q. Are you a CPA Firm ?

    A. The Accountant that you meet with will be a CPA. P&L is not a CPA Firm, in that we do not perform Audits or even perform much large corporate work, P&L is a Financial Services Firm. Since our Accountants are CPAs, we can and do represent clients before the IRS. Our main emphasis is Personal Quality Service rather than the Audit work of a CPA Firm.

    Q. Can P&L be contacted year round ?

    A. YES ! We can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (708) 687-9217. During non business hours, voice mail is available. P&L’s theme is Quality Client Service which we take very seriously, therefore P&L tries to be very responsive to client needs.

    Q. What other services does P&L offer ?

    A. P&L offers seminars during the year. Each Spring and Fall P&L sponsors and conducts seminars at various locations such as libraries, churches and of course in our office. In addition, P&L does client accounting work, payroll filings, tax planning and various other financial accounting work for clients on a year round basis. P&L is much more than a tax preparation business.

    P&L is not a downtown CPA Firm with a big office or a large staff for every type of business need. Our strategy is to stick to our unique core business, and refer other types of accounting work (Audit, Corporate Tax, Estate Planning, etc.) to other CPAs and Attorneys.

    Q. Can I get more information ?

    A. YES ! We can put you on our mailing list or have one of our people call you. Or better yet, send us an Email.

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